Hi there! I’m Hana Jung, founder of From Desk to Deck, Crew Compass yachting apps, marketing consultant, master of self-evolution, digital nomad and life ponderer.


From Desk to Deck is a community for gypsy souls who want to escape the desk in order to build an authentic purpose-driven business to positively impact others and the world. Come here to be inspired, read how others have left the desk to find their next life evolution, and learn how to connect with your purpose. The content here is meant to give you a new perspective on the best ways you can fully live up to your potential. My 3 biggest goals here:

  • Help release your fear of the unknown or your own self-doubts
  • Encourage you to find your passion and natural gifts
  • Provide tools to get you to your next level

My Evolution Started Here:

For the first time in my life, I felt like a failure. I found myself feeling completely alone in the middle of the holidays, despite being surrounded by people. I was still recovering from a breakup that shook me to the core, then getting fired for the first time ever from my “dream job”. Did my 10 years of marketing mean absolutely nothing? Was I a fraud? I started questioning everything about my life, and seriously started doubting my abilities as a marketing professional and if I even had any real talent. It was definitely a low point.

I decided I needed to get out of my head and forced myself to hustle as quickly as possible. Tapping my network, I met what felt like a million people for coffee and interviews. As each day passed, I was sharply aware of the building stress around the cost of just existing in NYC. After about 4 weeks of really trying to push through all the doubt and confusion, I hit a wall. I no longer cared about the life I built in NY, I no longer cared about marketing, and I was forced to really evaluate if searching for a new job just for the sake of it was really what I wanted and needed in my life right now.


My inner voice would nudge me and ask, “Is this what you really want? You may be good at this, but there’s gotta be something more. You should be living the life you want and build things, not working hard for someone else’s dream”, but I would always push those thoughts aside and argue “But you keep getting promoted. You just need to be making 6 figures before starting your own company. This career is what you’ve been building towards your whole life, and invested so much time already.” After ignoring my intuition for 10 years, my inner voice was now screaming at me. There was no distraction of a job, and it felt like the parachute of my career had collapsed. I woke up daily with anxiety attacks, and I felt like I was drowning in self-doubt. During one of these episodes, I started to meditate and I came to the realization that all this was my choice. I can choose to search for the next life raft (a stable job), or choose to swim into the unknown. I chose to swim.

fromdesktodeck yachting

Desperately craving mental space and breathing room, I turned to the internet to find an opportunity to travel and work. More than a job, I needed freedom and a fresh start. I’ve always been the master of reinvention, but first I had to find the next stepping stone to clear a space for a new life to emerge.

I thought back to my happy place, and the thing that truly brought me joy and growth – travel. Travel was the only consistent thing in my life, and I clung to this light during my search. I came across an article on how to travel and make money, and by some chance miracle, I stumbled onto an industry I had no idea existed – yachting. After some research, I decided, why not take a chance on an adventure and booked a one way ticket to Florida.

Little did I know the adventure was just beginning…

digital nomad fromdesktodeck

A few years after starting my journey in yachting and choosing to swim into the unknown, I founded Crew Compass, a company dedicated to helping others find their bliss on the open ocean working on a superyacht. I started the company while working 18hr days on a yacht, and dedicated every spare moment to helping others shortcut their way to a life on the water. Today, I’m a digital nomad traveling all over the world helping others leave their desk to discover their passion and live a purpose-driven life.  I will forever champion anyone searching for their next evolution in the pursuit of a better version of themselves. It is my hope and intention that every ripple I make in your life will give you the courage to believe in yourself, open your eyes to an ocean of opportunity, and step into your next evolution with confidence.

Chase your wave of change,