Elevate yourself with an Elite group of high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives on the coast of Nicaragua

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We want to see more people succeed, build cool things, and feel amazing while doing so.

Too many bright and capable high-achievers fall into the alluring cycle of grinding away and focusing on the next milestone. And in the long run, they burnout, feel isolated, and never fulfill their potential.

To help solve this problem, we’re bringing together a badass group of entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives who believe that success flourishes at the intersection of work, community, and creativity. 

Join us on the beautiful coast of Nicaragua for a 6 day all-inclusive experience that includes science-backed workshops, immersive adventures, restorative meditation and yoga, and world-class food.

May 11-16, 2018 | FRI - WED


You will accelerate your personal and professional development by tapping into a supportive community of high-achievers, unleashing your creativity, and recharging for peak performance.

The experience will combine science-backed talks and workshops, yoga and meditation, collaborative creation activities, culinary experiences, and immersive adventures.



Surround yourself in the beauty and comfort of Casa Verdad in Nicaragua. Set in a lush jungle, the bungalows overlook the ocean and are a short walk to the beach. Chill by the pool or relax on your private balcony.



Connect and collaborate with a badass group of high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives that will inspire, support, and grow with you. Come away with a unique network you can leverage in your day-to-day life.



Build and deepen important personal and professional skills with science-backed workshops. Apply what you learn to accelerate your career, find more balance, and feel a lasting sense of fulfillment.

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Discover the untouched beauty of Playa Escameca in Southern Nicaragua on the Pacific Coast. Soak up the sunshine, get your toes in the sand and ocean, and enjoy beautiful beach-side sunsetslet the waves energize you.



Start each morning with a guided meditation to ground, focus, and relax your mind. Daily practice includes restorative yoga for all levels to enhance the inner transformation. Classes led by a top certified yoga teacher.



4x daily, enjoy locally-sourced and healthy meals prepared by a private chef. Dine overlooking the ocean or poolside. Includes light early morning breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. *Dietary restrictions? Check out FAQ


Crafting a Vision that Cuts Through the Noise

Pivot, Pause, or Push Forward?

Leveraging Networks to Compound YOUR Success

Embracing Adversity to Fuel Your MISSION

May 11-16, 2018 | FRI - WED


We’ve streamlined the Life Re:Boot experience with ALL-INCLUSIVE pricing.

Pricing includes accommodation, meals, workshops, yoga and meditation, and activities!

All you need to do is choose whether you want a shared or private room and book a flight to Nicaragua….we’ll take care of the rest. 

(If you’re fast, you can do it all in under 3 minutes!)

Get ready for an amazing experience!

price per person

  • Secure your spot with a non-refundable deposit
  • Your choice of shared or private accommodation based on availability
  • All workshops, meals, events, and activities
  • Airport transportation
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Surprises!

price per person

  • Shared Room with 1 other person
  • Queen bed, single daybed, ensuite bathroom and balcony
  • All workshops, meals, events, and activities
  • Airport transportation
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Surprises!

price per person

  • Private room with 1 person max
  • Queen bed, single daybed, ensuite bathroom and balcony
  • All workshops, meals, events, and activities
  • Airport transportation
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Surprises!


Our mission is to build a global community of high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives who inspire, support, and elevate one another and pay it forward.


We first met in Nicaragua in 2017 while growing our respective businesses. 

We connected on our mutual curiosity about the world, penchant for constant growth, and desire to leverage our skills to help others succeed and live more fulfilling lives. 

And now we’re partnering together to bring together a badass group of entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives in the uniquely inspiring and energizing Nicaraguan coast for 6 days of tremendous personal and professional growth.

Hey there, I’m Hana. I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building a diverse network of friends and co-conspirators across the globe. 

I believe and have experienced that when you combine talented people across industries, cultures, and skillsets, MAGIC can happen.

In my previous life, I was a marketing director at ClassPass, a 10-yr digital brand strategist for global clients like Clarins, Rolex and Samsung, and a marketing consultant. 

After a serious burnout (and a particularly harsh winter in NYC), I quit my corporate life and decided to pursue an unknown industry to live, work, and travel the world on a megayacht. My yachting adventures eventually led me to my current role as the CEO/founder of Crew Compass apps, which focuses on bringing more people into the maritime industry. 

Now I advocate for and advise mission-based entrepreneurs who want to create a positive shift in the world. 

My own experience of professional and entrepreneurial burnout has taught me the value of integrating rest, community, and joy into my life. Success shouldn’t come at the expense of building meaningful connections.

I believe intentional travel and connecting with like-minded people can transform and elevate your life. I can’t wait to meet you!

Hi folks, I’m Calvin! I’m a Princeton-educated writer, growth hacker, and life enthusiast on a mission to help 10 million people live more fulfilling lives. 

I write about big ideas, the science of achievement, and the art of fulfillment. I also coach and advise entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and accelerate their careers. 

I’m a big believer in the power of collaboration and partner with inspiring entrepreneurs like Hana to bring community-enhancing and values-driven ideas to life.

In my former life, I worked on mergers and acquisitions at a big investment bank in New York. I decided that spending 15 hours a day in a cubicle doing work that didn’t excite me was not a fulfilling way to spend my finite time.

So I quit my job to travel the world and lead the growth strategy for a business unit within a remote startup. I reduced my life to a backpack, moved out of my New York apartment, and bought a one-way ticket to Cartagena Colombia.

I’ve traveled to 25 countries across 4 continents since then. And along the way, I’ve built multiple businesses, developed a diverse global community, and tried to help as many folks as possible along the way. 

If you’re really bored and want to learn more about me, you can find my story here.

Pumped for everyone coming to the experience!

May 11-16, 2018 | FRI - WED


Casa Verdad is new retreat space situated in the jungle hills overlooking the white sand beach of Playa Escameca in Southern Nicaragua on the Pacific Coast.

This location has 5 separate casitas/bungalows which are double occupancy, each with a private balcony and bathroom. Casa Verdad is equipped with a beautiful private pool and lounge chairs, comfortable common area for dining and relaxing, as well as an outdoor yoga deck overlooking the jungle. It’s conveniently located about a 35 minute drive from the main town of San Juan Del Sur, making it secluded enough to ensure peace and quiet and an almost private beach, while being close enough to stores and shops to easily explore on a day off.

To get to Casa Verdad, the most convenient airport to fly into is Managua located in Nicaragua approximately 2.5 hours from Casa Verdad. Another option is to fly into Liberia in Costa Rica. Once booking, we will work with you to arrange airport transfers.


Choose from either a PRIVATE ROOM or a SHARED DOUBLE ROOM (price per person) If you would like a payment plan, you can PAY A DEPOSIT to secure your spot.

For our cancellation policy, please read our terms and conditions.

The package price will cover accommodation, food, non-alcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase), all scheduled programming, pop-up events, and a round-trip shuttle service from Managua airport in Nicaragua. Once you have booked your flight,  please let us know and we’ll work to arrange groups of shuttles to Casa Verdad.

If you choose not to take the shared shuttle from the airport, you will be responsible for transportation to the retreat location.

You will also be responsible in obtaining your own travel insurance. For full terms and conditions of the retreat, READ HERE.

Airfare, alcoholic beverages (will be available for purchase on site), extra excursions or services not included in the package, and gratuity for the staff are excluded from the total cost of the retreat. 

It is recommended to tip the staff approx $10-$15/day for excellent service.

The best airport to fly into is Managua (MGA) located in Nicaragua approximately 2.5 hours from Casa Verdad. Another option is to fly into Liberia (LIR) in Costa Rica. 

After booking, please send your flight information to and we will arrange to pick you up in a shuttle.

Prior to the retreat, we will be sending out a detailed questionnaire form to get to know you better. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions either in this intake form by emailing

We believe that everyone has something unique to bring to the table. We encourage sharing of different perspectives and ideas from all disciplines and backgrounds. If you’re curious to know more and would like to chat with us, email us at


Questions? Get in touch! HELLO@FROMDESKTODECK.COM

Life Re:Boot Experience by From Desk to Deck