What Is Evolution Coaching?

“I did not want to live what was not life. Living is so dear” – Henry David Thoreau

What is an evolution coach?

During the course of your adult life, you will come across several key crossroads. The choices you make at that moment will define if you continue to stay the course, or use the opportunity to evolve to the next level of your life…achieving more success, purpose, and fulfillment. An evolution coach will help guide you through these pivotal turning points in your life to maximize your growth opportunity to achieve the life you’ve always wanted!

Read about my own evolution journey.


Is evolution coaching for me?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been living in perpetual auto-pilot? Your days aren’t particularly passionate, but you make a good living and have enough fun blips in your social calendar to keep you distracted. You look at your life and you seem to have it all: career, success, relationships, stability. You’ve achieved everything you set your mind to, you’ve ticked all your milestones right on schedule, and your life seems like it’s in perfect order.

But then…

There’s a quiet unsettled feeling that something is missing, but you keep pushing the thoughts aside with more vacations, drinks, dinners and dates.

You ask yourself:

“Maybe a change in jobs could rid me of this feeling?”
“Maybe I need to break up with my significant other?”
“Maybe I’ll move to a new city for a fresh start?”

You keep charging ahead to reach the summit of your life, only peripherally aware that something isn’t quite right.

Then one day….

You wake up in a panic! Time seems to have slipped away without you noticing. Maybe it was a breakup, a health scare, getting fired, or feeling like a failure for the first time that triggered your wake up call.

The sense that you’re squandering your precious life is now at the forefront of your thoughts. You’ve been asleep at the wheel, and it’s terrifying!

You find yourself wondering:

“Is this REALLY the life I want?”
“Is this a life I’m actually choosing?”
“Am I running in a loop I can’t seem to break free from?”

If this describes you, EVOLUTION COACHING could give you the alignment you’re seeking!


How I Can Help?

I know what you’re going through because I was feeling this exact way not too long ago. It was 10 years before I finally had my “wake up” call, but I DO NOT want you to wait that long! I want to share my guidance so you can start living a life you consciously and carefully CHOSE!

I want to help you figure out who YOU ACTUALLY ARE:  your wants, your motivations, your passions, and your values.

Together, I hope to design a future where you will feel:

  • Fulfilled
  • Happy
  • Purpose-driven
  • Focused
  • Passionate
  • Confident
  • At Peace
  • Balanced